Week Three: Restore

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Time to level up, mama. We’re moving on to your second Core Component with a brand new video.

You will practice this core retraining component for 2 weeks, so you have time to rehearse these more challenging progressions before moving on.



Core Component #2

Your new Core Component builds on the exercises from Week 1 & 2.

So far, you've been working on foundational core exercises that focus on creating support around the pelvis and spine. The exercises in your Core Component #2 are sure to challenge your core muscles even more. Remember to focus on maintaining stability and find a connection to your core muscles just before you start moving.

Feel free to stick with the exercises from Core Component #1 until you feel ready for more challenge.

Signs that an exercise is too challenging for you right now:

  • your back arching as you move

  • your pelvis tucking under as you move

  • your belly pushing outward, bulging

  • a sense of bearing down or heaviness in the pelvic floor

  • holding your breath and not able to breathe comfortably through the exercise

Get Ready:

You will need:

  • a towel, small blanket or pillow (optional)

Total time: about 10 minutes

Core Component #2 PDF

RESTORE: Release

Week Three Restorative Pose: Reclining Butterfly

This week's pose is the perfect opportunity to completely let go and say "ahhhhhh....". It's like a little mini trip to the spa....for free and easy to do anywhere!

With the slightly more intense workouts this week and the addition of the new Core Component #2, we wanted to make sure you also had a chance to allow those muscles to rest and relax.

Reclining Butterfly (or "bound angle pose" in yoga) is the perfect compliment to all the work you're doing this week and helps to relieve tension in the pelvic floor, the inner thighs, the hips and lower back.

MR-restore-week1-pose (1).png

What you need:

  • 2 rolled up blankets or pillows

  • 1 folded blanket or pillow

The Set Up:

Bring yourself down on to your back and place the soles of your feet together, allowing your knees to fall outward toward the ground. Place a rolled up blanket or pillow under each knee so your legs have something to rest on. If your chin is pointing directly up to the ceiling, try to tuck it down toward your chest or place a pillow or folded blanket under your head.

Allow your body to sink into the ground below you. Feel your belly expand as you inhale and soften as you exhale and imagine or feel for your pelvic floor muscles relaxing as you breathe in and naturally drawing back up as you exhale.

Rest here for 3-5 minutes.

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