Week Six: Move

Here we go!

It's time to start putting your training together and adding another crucial element: instability.

Your Week 6 workout will re-introduce you to those towels you've been using in previous workouts. You'll combine balance, core engagement and large muscle strength in this workout.

Whether it's balancing on one foot to kick a door open, picking up a preschooler on one hip, or getting off the floor, you're constantly using your body to balance and compensate for instability.

Because what's more unstable than #momlife, after all?



MOVE: Strength

Push it. Push it real good!

Turn up the Salt N' Pepa, 'cause that's exactly what we're going to do with this week's workout.

We've spent 5 weeks building foundational strength and re-training your body to do basic human movements like squats, lunges and lifts. Now we're going to integrate core strength with upper and lower body movements, as well as get your heart rate up with some cardio intervals.

Basically, it's time to get sweaty!

Over Your Head

Something you haven't seen yet in #MamaReset and which we saved for Week 6: overhead movements. Overhead movements are something we all do a regular basis and upper body strength is a big part of #momlife!

Creating better support for the core while we perform upper body movements is really important.

The exercises this week really focus on connecting our upper and lower body movements, which tend to challenge our deep core muscles, especially when focusing on balance and stability.

Get ready to feel taller, stronger and more connected!

Get Ready

You will need:

  • 2 cans

Total time: about 25 minutes

Week 6 Strength Workout PDF

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MOVE: Mobility

Mobility is another key part of happy, healthy upper back muscles. Along with the constant picking up of babies comes holding and carrying them around, rocking and feeding baby. Which can leave us feeling hunched over and our muscles stiff and overworked.

Moving your arms, shoulders and upper back in a variety of ways not only feels great but is essential for upper body movements like picking your baby up and lifting heavy things over head.

This short routine is full of dynamic movement that’s the perfect way to get into those tight, stuck muscles.

Week 6 Mobility

Get Ready

You will need:

  • 2 cans

Total time: about 12 minutes

Week 6 Mobility Workout PDF

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MOVE: Cardio

Strength and mobility is SUPER important, but big flowing movements and longer spurts are also key to your overall conditioning.

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ If you are in early postpartum or just getting started back to exercise after a long hiatus, we recommend you focus on walking.

πŸ‘‰πŸΎ If you've already been exercising and feel ready for a bit more intensity, the weekly Cardio Booster will kick your non-strength days up to a new level!

Feel free to modify moves that don't feel great, shorten the workout, or even combine the Cardio Booster with a short walk to get the best of both worlds.

Save this image to your phone, or download and print the PDF below.

Aim to complete the Cardio Booster twice this week if you are using it instead of (or in addition to) walking.

Get Ready

You will need:

  • a step or bench/chair (higher surface or wall = easier)

  • cans or very light dumbbells

  • a wall

  • a phone or watch to set your timer

Time: About 10 minutes

Week 6 Cardio PDF

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